Dear Sir/Madam,

With reference to your advertisement in the "Newsweek" of October 25th I would like to apply for the scholarship for the cultural and linguistic camp in Exter, England.

I am currently a student at Adam Mickiewicz secondary school. I majore in history, Polish and English languages. I also hold a certificate in English (CAE).

I would like to connect my job with English and that is why I would like to take part in the English Competition. A fortunate result would give me an opportunity to study English abroad. I am absolutely certain, that the scholarship for the summer camp in Exter will contribute to improve my linguistic skills and the knowledge of British culture. I believe, that my positive result in the English Competition will make your project more popular in the future and increase in the amount of money for the future scholarships. I also think, that my participation in this summer camp would give the other members a chance to learn more about Polish language and culture.

I am used to working as part of a team. I am also well-organised, patient, helpful and sociable which I think aer essential features for a summer camp participant.

I will be glad to supply you with any further information you may need. I am available for interview at your convenience and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,