unit 5a


2 engagement

office train


3eadc 4 got on so out

5bcac 6 tfft 7cbab

8 some advice 

how many friends

some time

no concerts

unit 5b

1 eacd 2 car

office station hotel restaurant

3 dcae 4 wish done luck works

5abcb 6 fttf 7 acba 

8 are there any 

unit6 a

1 bbaac

2 honey spicy active

3 bcaa

4would think about that

5 bfad 6 last monday

pastries cleaning the tables

bagels 7 dbe 8  although I was

to heat   are you going      he will see

 there are no

unit 6b

1 cabcb 2

feel calm   turkey cheese

3 cbac 4 how other want

sounds 5 deba

6 local residents    At lunch time

The kitchen staffs     the summer

7efd  8Are you going there isn’t   Although I can   

to buy         we’ll stay