Sometimes, especially at weekends when we enjoy our free time, I can let myself for a small dose of egocentrism. This special kind of it I called the egocentrically domination.

It begins usually in the morning on Saturday, when I'm trying to persuade my husband to prepare the breakfast and bring it to my bed. In the same time I tell him how difficult and full of problems was the previous week and I pronounce how sensitive I am. In this way I'm trying to pay his attention to me and my duties.

If I succeed, he helps me to shop, to cook and to clean, instead of fixing his boat. I don't know why it happens, but almost every time he seems to be submissive and tries to fulfil all my needs.

Sometimes when I don't succeed in persuading him, he insists on my helping in fixing his boat. I like lying on the boat deck and sunbathing, but helping him in fixing his boat or holding a sticky bucket full of paint is for me something I can't stand.

So if I ask my man to give me the breakfast to the bed at the weekend, it means that my egocentric beast wakes up. It is a high time to relax and take care of myself and nothing more.