Mustang is a name for a species of horses that can be found in the western parts of the United States. Its name is of Spanish origin and it means "wild". They were first brought to America by the Spanish and those who escaped or were abandoned began to live in the New World. They had a tremendous impact on the life of the Native Americans. The natives who lived on Great Plains domesticated them once again and learned how to ride on them. When the settlers from Europe were moving towards the western coast of America they were taking horses with them. Again some of these horses escaped or were stolen in raids by the natives and they began to live with the horses, which escaped before. Both kinds of horses mixed and a new species appeared. Moreover, the native Americans were capturing them and trading them to other tribes. Generally speaking, Mustang is strongly connected with the American history and culture.

One of the major motor companies in the world is Ford. It is said to be the leader of the car industry in the United States and represent it abroad. Moreover, this company started by Henry Ford was one of the pioneers of this industry, especially because of the mass production. It was used in car construction for the first time by Ford and allowed for production of cheap cars.

Immediately after the Second World War there was a baby boom in the United States. Over 76 million children were born between the year 1946 and 1957. Ford realised that they are potential consumers and they probably would like to buy a car that was constructed for them. Then this group was carefully observed.

That was one of the reasons for construction of Mustang. There was another one. Before the Second World War really good cars were very expensive and because of that reserved for the rich. Other people had to drive something that only resembled a real car. After the war the people wanted to buy better cars that would be also rather cheap. Economy class of car appeared. Moreover, there was a fashion for buying small sport cars.

Ford responded to the growing demand on the market. Designers began to work on a car that would satisfy the customers. It should look like a sport car and have a style. It should also have something foreign in its design. The stylist Joe Oros said that they wanted their car to be unique. They prepared carefully to the job. They made a list of things that should be included in the new model and also a list of elements that must be avoided.

When the Mustang appeared for the first time it had only one real competitor among cars. It was Chevy Corvair Monza Spyder. The cost of one car was about $2600 and it had 150 hp. Mustang should be less expensive and fit with modern technology. The belief was that Corvair is no match for the new car and the competition was already won by Mustang. Moreover, other car producing companies were not ready to make a car that could compete with Mustang.

In reality there was only one successful car sold by Ford in the early 1960s. It was the Falcon and this model broke many records. It was the best selling model of car produced by Ford. The quality of it was high and people enjoyed it. However, something should be done with its design, it was not absorbing. Quality was not the only thing that mattered. That thing was the design that the Mustang had. In order to save, Ford used also parts from the former model when constructing Mustang.

The goal was reached. Mustang was a small sport car, that was not expensive and that the people found worth buying. The hard work of the designers gave fruits. Mustang was presented to the public on the 17th of April 1964. It happened at the World Fairs in New York. The car meets with a hot reception and this event marked the beginning of the rule of Mustang.

The design of Mustang attracted many people and made them buy this model. They did it even more willingly because of the low price, which was $2368. During the first day of sale about 22000 models were ordered by the customers. In the first year the company sold more than 417,000 Mustangs. More copies of Mustang were sold than copies of the best selling car of the 1990, also of Ford design, Taurus. The buyers did not have many options during the purchase, they could only could choose only between two engines; it did not lower the sales of the car.

The success of the car was enormous. Mustang was the car that finally pulled Ford out the depression. The year when Mustang saw the daylight marked the beginning of the Ford return to the pre-depression condition. In order to attract more customers Ford extended the list of options at the purchase. Customers could buy Mustang with automatic transmission, air conditioning or four-speed stick shift.

Soon a new version of Mustang appeared that was named either 2+2 or Fastback. Another variation, Shelby Mustangs from the second half of the 1960s were produced because of the enormous popularity of the original model. Ford tried to win an acceptance for using Mustang in car races but did not get it. Shelby was asked to help and they established a factory in Los Angeles in California. Mass production of GT350 began ranging several hundred a month. It might not be an impressive number but they were popular and it was easy to see one on the street. Later everybody remembered how they looked like. Many of them took part in races, probably almost the half of all cars used were GT350. None of them broke before the finish line. There was no difference between the model designed for racing and this for the normal drive and all people believed that each Shelby Mustang was a racecar. It made the model very popular and so, Mustangs were sold easily.

When at the end of the 1960s market demanded small cars with big engines, Shelby answered this demand by putting GT500 on the market. It had 428 cubic inch engine and it was a refitted Mustang. The size of GT350 was modified in order to make room for 302 cubic inches. The company moved the factory from California to Michigan. The 428 engines were made obsolete by the next engine a Cobra Jet 428.

In the USA there is something like " Legend of the Mustang". It still makes people want to drive this car, despite the fact that it is 40 years old. Maybe the feel nostalgia to the 1960s? Or maybe because Mustang is such a great car.