Do you think that you spend too much money in shops? If you think that you spend too much money, do you want to stop shopping? If you do not want to, you should read my tips. Remember that spending money is good if we control ourselves. I have some experience with saving money and I want to share it with you.

My first advice is to make a list of things that you want to buy before going to shop. You also should think how much money do you want to spend. In the shop you should buy only things which are on the list and do not spend more money that you planned. Do not go to other shops; go only to those where you can find the necessary things.

The second one is: do not look at the advertisement when you think of buying something. Advertisements try to make people buy things they do not need. They appeal to emotions in many ways, they try to make us think that we want to buy something. For example many shops present their articles in such a way that they seem more attractive then in reality. They use music, nice colours and nice looking displays to attract people.

The third advice: watch TV, read newspapers, search in the Internet. You may find the same articles that are in shops but cheaper. Look for discount sales and coupons. The savings may be small but when you sum them it turns out that you saved a lot of money. It is if you buy many such things.

The last advice is that you should not take a credit card with you. If you go to buy some food or other not very expensive things take only the amount of money that you will need. There will be no temptation to buy something unnecessary because you will not have money.

I hope that my advice will help you in saving money. I know that the temptation to spend more than you can is great but I believe that you can win with it. Happy saving!