Paul Bruce Dickinson was born in the 7 of August 1958 in Workshop in Nottingham county. When he was four, he moved with his parents into Sheffield. Bruce was removed from private school in London, because he had pissed into headmaster's dinner. He joined the army and then he was studying history in London University.

Already in Sheffield he was giving a concerts with groups Styx, Speed and Shots. He was dreaming that after finishing studies he would be an actor. But in 1979 he met Paul Samson, who talked him into singing in his band. In band Samson he assumed nick Bruce Bruce and he was participating in recording first few records of this group. During common show of bands Samson and Iron Maiden, Bruce was noticed by the second group.

The 15 of November 1981 is a very important date for Bruce as well as for Iron Maiden. In this day Bruce became a new vocalist of this band. He returned to his own surname. His debut in Iron Maiden team was "The Number Of The Beast" - the firs album of Irons, which reached first place in the charts in England and USA. Next albums "Piece Of Mind" and "Powerslave" confirmed Bruce classy.

The first time Iron Maiden visited our country was 1984. The atmosphere of these concerts caught double-album "Live After Death". In the promotion route of next album "Somewhere In Time" also was our country.

In these times Bruce achieved seventh place in the foil tournament in Great Britain. The successor of "Somewhere In Time" was album "Seventh Son Of The Seventh Son". After he had finished tournee with Iron Maiden, he took a part in recording his first solo album "Tattooed Millionaire". After this with Iron Maiden he recorded another albums "No Prayer For The Dying" and "Fear Of The Dark".

In the 28 of August 1993 Bruce left Iron Maiden team and he was continuing his solo career. Meanwhile he wrote a novel "The Adventures Of Lord Iffy Boatrace". He published his second album "Balls Of Picasso" and third "Skunwork". He invited his friend Adrian Smith to cooperation. As a result of that was made another albums "Accident Of Birth" and "Scream For Me Brazil".

1999 was a spectacular year for Bruce. He and Adrian Smith once again returned to Iron Maiden and published a wonderful album "Brave New World".

Iron Maiden is a symbol of heavy metal, and Bruce Dickinson is a great star admired by millions of people. I admire this men for his courage in creating a new type of music and for his incredible voice.