Dear Sir/Madame 

I am writing to show my dissatisfaction with preparation of the hall that my art group rented from You last Wednesday. That Hall with advanced lighting system just broke down at our first performance! My friends and I have told the staff to report the problem, but as you are reading this, nothing happened. What is more, it is even worse! 

 Look at this situation from our point of view. We paid a lot of money to give our fans a series of best-looking performances they could imagine. And what they get? Broke down lightning system even not in the half of the show. After that accident, we reported everything to the staff. A week passed and nothing happened. Our fans are dissatisfied, we are disappointed, and You will be sued! Moreover, not only lights are broken. We tried to use hook with support to perform a “bird’s fly” as we call it. We checked it, and the rope that was holding the hook was torn into pieces! It is absolutely unacceptable. One of us could have been hurt! 

I demand a refund, and a compensation for the risk and inconvenience connected with using this hall. You can be absolutely sure that we will not recommend it to anyone except suicides! If our requests are not met, we will have to take this case to court. 

Yours faithfully,