Prosze potrzebuje na teraz daje naj .Wybierz slowo ktore uzupelnia luki w obu zdanisch.1 Ania loves

_ photos of old buildings and parks . I don't know why getting ready for schools is _ me so longA lastingB takingC schooting2. Whrn you learn something ,new you always _ a lot of mistakes at the mum is quiet unhappy when I don't _ my bed in the morningA doB haveC make3. She needs a _ from her Boring life so she's going to Paris for the weekend . The doctor told me to drink a lot of water and have plenty of _ today.A restB breakC sleep4. I don't feel_ today . I think I 'm coming down with flu.My best friends speaks spanish really _ because her father is grom MadridA wellB goodC fine5. I lost my watch at school and now I have to _ for it . some of my friends _ after their Younger brothers or sistersA searchB careC look    

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