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  1. Fill in with appropriate words or idioms. 1. The jury in the Max Grazzi trial has delivered a               of guilty.
  2. The judge is expected to pass    later in the week.
  3. The court proceedings were closed                the sake of the victims.
  4. HR specialists are becoming more                RECEIVE to the idea thatanageddiversed Staff can improve business and interns might find themselves facing less discrimination and  TOLERANT  than they expect.
  5. The people you see living on the street are only the tip              of the housing crisis.
  6. The accused did not have a to stand on, the evidence against him was overwhelming.
  7. Don’t be afraid to say what you really think about the regeneration project in the meeting.


  1. The vote on the anti-bullying policy was (jednomyślny) and it will be put into effect immediately at the school.
  2. (Obrońcy)            of banning all platic bags claim that it will drastically reduce plastic pollution.



  1. Grammar- use appropriate form.


  1. The amount of praise the sportsmen received from the community for his social work took him by surprise.

The sportsmen                                   the amount of praise the sportsmen received from the community. ABACK

  1. Students are going to man stall sat the school fete.

The school                                         student sat the school fete.    HAVE

  1. Volunteers are going to bake cakes for the charity next week.

Cakes                                     for the charity next week.

  1. People say he will refurbish the homeless shelter next month.

The homeless shelter is                                                         next month.

  1. When we woke up, the car windows (break) so we had to call the police to report the crime.
  2. The politician was arrested for         (lie) under oath.
  3. He was said              (be) wrongly accused of commiting fraud.
  4. The Police oficer                  (get) Gary to pull over his car.
  5. We cannot ignore this issue any longer, it need sour attention.


  1. I did not see Janeat the final talk of the conference, she                         (modal, leave) for some reason.


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