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Pomoże ktoś?? Potrzebne na jutroComplete the sentences with the words in brackets. Use the correct form of the verbs.Add any necessary words. You can use a maximum of six words.1 We decided to take a rest because (we / walk) ..... we had been walking for nearly six hours and were completely exhausted.2 Frank is the oldest staff member in our office. In fact, by next month (he / work) ....for our company for exactly 20 years.3 My younger brother is such a pain! (He / always / follow) ..... me and then tellingmy parents what I’ve been up to!4 I never stand a chance of winning a game of tennis against Tom. Well, it’s hardly surprising. After all,(he / play)........ tennis since he was four or five years old.5 By the time you come back from the party, (we / go / bed) ,........... so try to be quiet, please.6 This time next year (I / hopefully / run) ........ my own business for three months.

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