I have read a lot of short stories written by  Edgar Edgar W. Szekspir Król Lear, bohater epizodyczny; starszy syn Gloucestera, dobry, szlachetny, ale słaby, bezsilny. Nie umie obronić się przed atakami brata, przed oszczerstwami, zdobywa się jedynie na ... Czytaj dalej Słownik bohaterów literackich - liceum Allan Poe, but one called "The Whirlpool" made on me the greatest impression. It comes from the collection titled "Tales of Mystery and Imagination". The story took place in the chain of islands on the Norwegian sea called the Lofotens.

The inhabitants of the Lofotens took up the fishery. Although they lived in the north, the climate there wasn't so cold, it was rather mild, because the oceanic stream of water called the Gulf Stream warmed it. Very high tides made this place unique. Actually, it was a kind of physical phenomena in this part of the world. Sometimes the whirls were created when the sea flowed in with enormous speed.

Allan Edgar Poe described in "The Whirlpool" the event that happened a man and two of his sons. A usual they went fishing in their small fishing boat. They decided to sail through a narrow gap between two islands. Theses islands were extremely closed to each other, so sailing there was dangerous. Also the stream of water used to be very strong in this place. They sail there temped by the big harvest of fish, because the advantage of this place was that there used to be a lot of fish. They were aware that the only way to avoid the dangerous whirlpool they had to get there at the exact time, when water was stopped for some time and then it began to flow in the opposite direction.

As they were good fishermen they thought that everything would go well. The one they should do was to be cautious. However, they weren't able that the storm was coming. They sailed in the open sea with nets full of fish. Suddenly everything was dark. It was a sign of storm. It was coming very fast and they didn't have a lot of time to escape. It seemed to be too late. The storm was coming and nothing could stop it. The storm created a huge whirlpool in the sea. The diameter of the whirl measured about two miles and their small fishing boat was very close to its centre. The boat started spinning around. The boat slip towards it by slopes made of sea water and the whirl made it circle around.

The fishermen tried to fight with the forces of nature, but two of them drowned. The father and one of his sons fell down into the spinning water. The one of sons survived thanks to a strong rope with which he had tied himself. He jumped to the water and in this way he managed to survive. This unconscious man was washed ashore. Next day he was found by some fishermen, but he look completely different. He looked like an old man with white hair. He was happy to be survived. His hair became white because he experienced the worst thing Thing u plemion germańskich zgromadzenie wolnych mężczyzn, na którym główną rolę odgrywała starszyzna. Podejmowało decyzje polityczne i sprawowało funkcje sądownicze. Z czasem thingi ... Czytaj dalej Słownik historyczny could happened to him. He thanks God for his survival and he tried to be a better man. A lot of things changed. The survival made him a better man.