Every single evening millions of people around the world sit in front of their TV sets. For many of us television became the main source of entertainment. Most Most Most symbolizuje połączenie dwóch światów, połączenie w czasie i przestrzeni, sprawiedliwość, stałość, wierność, życie, niebezpieczeństwo, próbę, zmianę, pragnienie, ... Czytaj dalej Słownik symboli literackich kids, when they go home from school, start watching TV. When an adult is tired after work, he or she may consider TV the best way to relax. The remote controller is the most important thing Thing u plemion germańskich zgromadzenie wolnych mężczyzn, na którym główną rolę odgrywała starszyzna. Podejmowało decyzje polityczne i sprawowało funkcje sądownicze. Z czasem thingi ... Czytaj dalej Słownik historyczny in many houses and families. Many of us consider television an entrance to the world of fantasy. It would be very difficult to imagine life in contemporary world without TV. Some people even consider TV set their friend.

Television was invented in 1935. After a short period of time it started to be very popular. At the beginning it was quite expensive and only a few people could afford it. However, soon after the TV set was present in most houses in the whole world. As the popularity of television was growing rapidly, there had to appear many TV stations, programs, movies. Nowadays, there are thousands, if not millions of stations. Thanks to the technological progress, most of the stations are available for people from every part of the world. Television became a very important and influential part of culture.

Most people I know watch TV every day. We watch the news from the whole world, we have our favorite serial movies, talk-shows and other programs. TV enables us to get to know about people from every part of the world. We are informed, how different people live, how they dress and what are their habits. Television plays and important role in creating new trends. It makes us want to follow the examples of other people. Moreover, the advertisements make people want to buy certain products. Even if we avoid watching them, we are constantly influenced by them.

Numerous people consider television a good escape from all difficulties of everyday life. On TV you can learn, that everyone can become rich, beautiful and popular. In the movies we watch pretty actresses and actors, who easily solve all difficult problems, making careers, having much money. Very popular nowadays are fantasy and science-fiction films. They show us the imaginations about the future of the world. It tells the untrue stories, which take place in the future or in other worlds and spaces.

I think that the main reason of the popularity of television is that it enable us to forget about the real world for some time. For several minutes, we become a part of some other reality. We watch the lives of other people. We laugh with them and we cry, when something bad happens to them. The characters from the films and programs seem to be very close to us.

However, there are many disadvantages of television. Watching too many different stupid movies and shows, children may think that it is normal that you commit a crime and would not be punished. In the films the murderers can fly away and never be caught. Many bank robbers live happy lives after robbing much money. Wars and other armed conflicts are one of the things that seem to happen every day and they seem to be normal. It also seems very difficult to kill a person. Many heroes survive, even if they were shot with a gun. It may make people want to become criminals. TV creates the very false image of the world and of people.

I think that television is also partly responsible for cultural homogenization of the world. The cultures are under the strong influence of American culture. People became more similar to each other. We wear the same clothes as people in the USA and in Japan do. We rely on TV. We believe in everything, that is said there. The news are edited and announced so as to make certain impression on a viewer.

Before TV became so popular, people had more time for each other. They used to read more books, they would spend more time with their family. Reading books is much more profitable and educating than watching TV. It develops the imagination of a reader. It also teaches you thinking. As TV is so popular, many people stopped reading at all. They prefer watching movies. In many houses, the families eat no meals together. People prefer eating alone with television. The parents do not read books to their kids, instead they let them watch cartoons and play games.

We have to remember that television is a very powerful medium. It influences our life. It gives us many information, but on the same time it shows much rubbish and unnecessary things. We all should make reasonable decision, concerning what to watch and not.