We know a lot of stereotypes concerning the United Kingdom and its natives. We are able to create the national characteristic that British people are believed to present. Many stereotypes are wrong, but some of them seem to be good. We should be aware that some of them aren't true.

The typical British representative should be the tea lover. What is more, the tea should be drunk in the exact time. Most of the British drink their tea at five o'clock. They are also believed to have a big traditional breakfast. The breakfast is consisted of many toasts covered with jam or marmalade or other additives which seem to be typical British. We couldn't even imagine how various can be the British toasts. The other stereotype is connected with the traditional British cuisine and some cooking traditions, which are considered to be completely tasteless and seem to be unacceptable for foreigners. The basic British dish is called "Fish & Chips", but most of tourists don't like it.

The stereotype of the British gentlemen is that, they seem to be too stiff and conservative. Moreover they speak with a strange and typical British accent. They call the accent "Received Pronunciation" and they consider it as very distinguished one, but in fact it isn't. It seems to be rather funny. What is more typical, the British sense of humour is very specific. It is presented mostly in such British movies and other TV series as "Monty Python's Flying Circus", "Mister Bean" and "Black Adder". All of them present the stereotypes, which aren't often the truth.

The other stereotype is that the British youth are believed to be the clubbing lovers, which means that they enjoy walking form a club to the other club or pub at weekends. It is a kind of modern British tradition, which is today observed in various countries (even in Poland). But British young people are believed to enjoy their lives, which are often full of pleasure and hedonism.

Summing up, the British aren't as conservative as many people might think. Their main characteristic is that they are talkative and very friendly. They seem to be also pedantic, but about every other nation we can tell the same. Every nation has the stereotypical positive features and negative ones.