I cannot imagine life in contemporary world without a TV set. Television provides information and entertainment. Nowadays almost all people have their TV set at home.

Watching TV may be fun and educational, but it also may have bad influence on us. To begin with the advantages, it keeps informing us about things that happen all around the world. We can learn about the problems or conflicts happening anywhere. The reporters are always there, where something important happens. We know, what will the weather be like the next day. If we are interested in sport, we have a possibility to watch many important events 'live'- on the same time, when they are happening. There are many educational and scientific programs in TV. People, who want to know more about different things are provided with a good source of knowledge. The access to such programs is wide and even those, who couldn't learn certain things at school may get to know about them from TV. We may also learn, how to cook or where is it good to travel.

Nevertheless, there are many disadvantages of TV as well. In my opinion, people watch too much TV. Some may spend their whole days sitting in front of it and staring at it thoughtlessly. Young people, especially girls, like watching stupid soap operas. It makes them silly and teaches them nothing. They simply look at nice-looking people and get excited when one of them says something. Many films and programs showed in TV propagate violence. I don't understand, why people are interested in such things. Most Most Most symbolizuje połączenie dwóch światów, połączenie w czasie i przestrzeni, sprawiedliwość, stałość, wierność, życie, niebezpieczeństwo, próbę, zmianę, pragnienie, ... Czytaj dalej Słownik symboli literackich of these movies should be banned. They influence badly especially children's minds, but even adults should not watch them. These movies may teach people, that there is nothing bad or unnormal in violent and brutal behavior. Furthermore, watching TV is harmful to our eyes. People may even go blind, when they spend too much time in front of a TV set. They also are more prone to different diseases. They forget that it is important to do some exercises and spend time on fresh air.

In my opinion, it is much better to live without TV. I try not to watch it at all.