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Internet - błogosławieństwo czy przekleństwo XXI wieku? Przedstaw argumenty zwolenników i przeciwników Internetu

The Internet - a blessing or a curse of nowadays? It is unquestionably the greatest source of information but has also its dark sides.

Firstly, the Internet is the biggest network connecting people all around the world. The VOIP (the Internet telephony), e-mails and many applications enable people to be in touch even if they are on the other hemispheres.

Secondly, you save your time using the Internet. Useful information, books, articles which appeared many years ago might be found. One "click" enable you checking the balance of your account and more- opening a deposit account, transferring money and paying bills.

Next "click" may move you to virtual shops. Spending virtual money is easier than spending ordinary one even if goods are really cheaper than in normal shops. But, it's true- in a virtual shops you may buy sought-after textbooks in affordable prices.

Despite all of the undeniable advantages, there are numerous its disadvantages.

In fact, we should remember that most parents don't realize the dangers involved when their children log onto the Internet. There is a big risk of the sexually harassing or the pornographic stories with the children's participation.

Additionally, nowadays there are many people addicted to the Internet. They need to surf many hours forgetting about everything. It's a disease associated with the progress of civilization.

Artists are upset because the Internet provides their music online at no charge to consumers. File-sharing services provides copyrighted songs to all Internet users.

In conclusion, today's society is in the middle of a technological boom. The Internet is a powerful tool. It has many advantages; however, people need to be aware of disadvantages as well.

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